Mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is a method of marketing research. This method is characterized by the fact that test customers appear at own or third-party companies in order to get advice and / or to make test purchases. Possible clients for test purchases are the companies to be checked as well as suppliers, competitors, competition clubs and / or trade associations.

The test customers have the task of gathering information for marketing and / or forensics (use in court). You visit z. B. car dealers or bank branches and pretend that they want to buy a new car or invest a larger amount of money safely and profitably.

For marketing policy purposes, the following information can be collected in this way:
Behavior of one's own staff towards customers in comparison to the competition

Leistungen und Konditionen der Mitbewerber (Sortiment, Service, Logistik, Garantie-, Liefer- und Terms of payment).

The following information can be obtained for forensic purposes:
Compliance with competition law regulations (e.g. price information, price comparison)

Compliance with contractual agreements within the framework of horizontal and vertical sales ties.

Im Bereich des Marketing ist das Instrument des Testkaufs eine weithin anerkannte Methode zur Beschaffung von Informationen. Im Bereich der Forensik ist der Test purchase dagegen ein umstrittenes Verfahren. „Wenn das Verhalten des Testkäufers bewusst auf den Nachweis einer Zuwiderhandlung des Testbetriebes im Wettbewerb gerichtet ist und dies voraussetzt, dass der Testkäufer gesetzliche oder vertragliche Regeln vorsätzlich verletzt, entsteht damit ein verfälschtes Urteil über die Realität des Betriebsgeschehens“.

Interviewers from specialized market research institutes who are up to the special requirements and stress of mystery shopping are usually used as test customers (mystery customers). In addition, however, your own employees are also suitable for carrying out test visits. This is useful, for example, when service and quality standards or conditions of competitors are to be determined.

If the behavior of employees is to be assessed in the context of mystery shopping, regulations under the works constitution must be taken into account. In this case, the approval of the works council should be obtained beforehand.

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