Microsoft Cortana

What is Microsoft Cortana?
Cortana is described as a 'digital assistant' by Microsoft, its creator. It uses the Bing search engine to compose informational responses for users, and it also offers reminders, notebook functionality, and calendar options. Cortana ships with various Microsoft operating systems for computers and other devices, including Windows 10 Mobile.

Released in 2014, Cortana is in many ways Microsoft's answer to Apple's more famous Siri system built into modern iPhones. Both virtual assistants work pretty similarly - both are able to answer questions and input from users and respond in a way that simulates some kind of artificial intelligence.

A distinctive feature of Cortana and other similar intelligent programs of its time is the limited ability to demonstrate conversational skills in a vibratory manner. While Cortana can answer basic questions, there are a variety of scenarios where Cortana or some other competitive virtual assistant is virtually unable to converse.

Since the boundaries of the conversation are rather narrow, it is quickly clear to a human user that the voice with which he is interacting is not completely sentient. This questions the use of philosophies like the Turing Principle to ask if future machines can be equipped with much broader intelligent interactive technologies.

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