Method 635

What is the 635 method?

Method 635 is a creativity technique that can be used to produce ideas as follows: Six people are presented with a problem that is as precisely defined as possible and fixed in writing. Each member of this group enters three suggested solutions on a form. After five minutes, the moderator asks the participants to pass their answer sheet on to their neighbors. He should produce three more ideas for his colleague's suggestions, etc. In this way, a maximum of 108 ideas can be generated in 30 minutes.

The essential feature of this creativity technique is the mutual influence of the participants, who are stimulated by the solution approaches of their colleagues (synergy effect).

Definition method 635

Die Methode 635 ist eine Weiterentwicklung des brainstorming. Bei ihr wird von der Erkenntnis ausgegangen, dass eine Kreativitätstechnik besonders erfolgreich ist, wenn die Idee eines Teilnehmers von anderen Mitgliedern aufgegriffen und weiterentwickelt wird. Deshalb schreiben anlässlich einer Gruppensitzung auf einfachen Formularen (3 Spalten, 3 Zeilen):

  • 6 members invited to a group meeting
  • 3 proposals or alternative solutions on forms, each
  • 5 minutes to be passed on so that all participants comment on all solutions

Method 635 also called brainwriting

This results in 108 suggestions (3 x 6 x 6), which are available in writing. This is why method 635 is also called brainwriting. By exchanging the forms, chains of associations are created that generate innovations. In contrast to brainstorming, there is no problem of leading the group. It is advantageous that every participant is practically forced to write contributions and is not directly influenced by other participants. However, this can also be seen as a disadvantage if unqualified participants leave the creative path.

The prerequisites for the successful use of method 635 are:

  • Relaxed atmosphere in the group session
  • The participants should have roughly the same qualifications
  • Those involved should bring a high level of creativity with them
  • Qualitative and quantitative aspects must be observed for the solutions
  • Criticism of the ideas written down must be avoided
  • The production of ideas does not result in any copyright

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