Metasearch engine

What is a metasearch engine?
A metasearch engine is a type of search engine that provides results based on a combination of results from other search engine databases. It specializes in linking databases from a wide variety of search engines and linking search results to relevant sources. A metasearch engine is also known as a metasearch engine.
Meta-Suchmaschinen verwenden einen komplexen Algorithmus, mit dem virtuelle Datenbanken im laufenden business generiert werden können. Eine virtuelle Datenbank spiegelt die Ergebnisse der physischen Datenbank anderer Suchmaschinen „virtuell“ wider.

All information and data on the search result are listed in a virtual database, and the searches can be concentrated according to various criteria. Therefore, no two metasearch engines are alike, as they all operate on different criteria, such as news sites and newsgroups, depending on the algorithm that is designed to perform specified search functions.

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