Message Oriented Middleware (MOM)

What is Message Oriented Middleware (MOM)?
Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) is a type of software product that enables message distribution across complex IT systems. In general, middleware serves as a connector for two different applications or platforms. MOM specifically implements the transmission of messages in various IT environments.
MOM applications often create a distributed product that is compatible with the various operating systems served by the middleware. MOM also enables various software components to communicate with one another or exchange data. In visual models, this type of middleware is often represented as a central station with lines connecting various technologies that include message origins and delivery destinations.

Users sometimes describe MOM and other types of middleware as linking front and back end systems. Tools known as application programming interfaces (API) are used to develop effective middleware solutions.

While MOM and other types of middleware are useful in many different industries, they are sometimes associated with financial resources where improving messaging can affect an institution's overall performance and bottom line.

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