Matroska (MKV)

What is Matroska (MKV)?
Matroska (MKV) is a multimedia standard that contains an unlimited number of audio, video and subtitle files in one file format. MKV differs from other multimedia standards like AVI and MP4 as it is completely open source and can be customized by the user with the implementation of open source software.
Matroska is a Russian name for a series of hollow wooden dolls that are nested, opening a doll revealing the inside of the doll, and so on. MKV is a container format that is intended for storing popular multimedia formats such as audio and video.

Many people think of MKV as a compression technology (codec), which is not true; MKV just keeps all different types of formats in one file. Matroska has been developed in C ++ since 2002 and can be edited and further developed.

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