Material strategy

Definition of material strategy

A material strategy is a concept that is defined in the long term for the area of materials management. The focus is on realizing the material management goals.

Types of material strategies

Closing gaps in material supply

That Closing gaps in material supply, e.g. B. through efficient procurement of the material or through an improved use of materials.

Streamlining of the supplier structure

the Streamlining of the supplier structure, so that a continuity of delivery and the use of cost-cutting potential are possible.

Improve logistics

That Improve logistics, e.g. B. by changing storage options or by new transport and handling measures.

Promotion of procurement marketing

the Promotion of procurement marketing, e.g. B. by changed Conditions policy, through cooperation with suppliers, through a new procurement organization.

Improving the deployment options

That Improving the deployment options, e.g. B. through appropriate investments in warehousing and transport in order to achieve more flexibility.

Lower the procurement costs for the materia

That Lower the procurement costs for the material, e.g. B. by drastically reducing the purchase price by negotiating about it with the supplier.

Realizing an efficient use of materials

That Realizing an efficient use of materials, e.g. B. by ABC analysis, which is an instrument for classifying goods by value.

To clarify strategic positions, procurement portfolios are set up today. B. compare supplier power (high to low) and buyer power.

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