Material distribution

Definition of material distribution

Material distribution is a comprehensive term for all activities that affect the flow of materials to, in and from the company. It is intended to help minimize the costs for transport, storage, relocation and relocation, which have risen steadily in recent years and often amount to between 15 % and 35 % of sales.

Assessment company

Customers judge a company not only on the quality, performance and price of the products, but also on how quickly and reliably the orders are processed and how the transport is carried out. Customers often demand a wide and deep range of products. The material distribution includes:

  • Order processing
  • shipment
  • transport

Concepts of material distribution

The logistics, which includes the object-related transport, replenishment, storage and handling system as procurement, production and sales logistics.

the Physical distribution, which is usually interpreted as a synonym for logistics, but can also be more narrowly defined, e.g. B. Design system for salable products.

Material management, which deals with issues of material flow and the corresponding management tasks, e.g. B. within a company or the relevant distribution channel.

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