Marshall McLuhan

What is Marshall McLuhan?
Marshall McLuhan was a Canadian writer, theorist, and academic. McLuhan wrote several popular books on media and technology in the 1960s, including "The Mechanical Bride: Folklore of the Industrial Man" and "The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of the Typographic Man," as well as "The Medium Is the Message: An Inventory of Impact "in 1967 and the next year" War and Peace in the Global Village, "a work that James Joyce" Finnegan's Wake "uses to study the phenomenon of war in human history.
One of McLuhan's most famous ideas was the concept of "the medium is the message," in which McLuhan describes what might be called a type of astral projection through which technologies expand people's experiences and shape their consciousness.

In describing “hot” and “cool” media, McLuhan suggested that the types of media people use affect how they experience life and that the emergence of global cyber networks would transform the way people interact with one another.

In vielerlei Hinsicht beleuchtet McLuhans Arbeit die Phänomene, die der Entstehung eines globalen Internets consequences – und stellt Fragen darüber, wie eine Post-Internet-Welt funktionieren wird. Wenn McLuhan beispielsweise vernetzte digitale Medien als „wirksamere Werkzeuge für Manipulation und Kontrolle“ beschreibt, spricht er die Arten von Problemen an, mit denen die heutigen Sicherheitsexperten Hacker und verschiedene Arten von Cyberangriffen konfrontieren.

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