Marketing - what is it ?!

The term marketing describes all entrepreneurial activities that are aimed at successfully marketing products or services. In this sense, marketing is an essential part of every business process, alongside purchasing, service provision and other functions.

Different marketing definitions

In business administration, a large number of marketing definitions have developed over time. Two conceptual understandings are fundamental:

Marketing as an organizational unit - refers to the corporate divisions that deal with the marketing and sale of products or services.

Marketing as an entrepreneurial function - stands for the entirety of all market-oriented company activities. Depending on the point of view, this marketing understanding can be interpreted more action-oriented or more leadership-oriented. Marketing can also be understood as an entrepreneurial mindset or management philosophy.

The Marketing Process

In the function-oriented view, marketing is a rule process that includes the following steps in terms of systematic planning:

  • Systematic customer, market and competition analysis to identify marketing opportunities
  • Definition and specification of Marketing goals
  • Auswahl, Formulierung und Vorgabe geeigneter Strategien zur Erreichung der Marketing goals und Ableitung entsprechender Maßnahmen
  • Implementation of the measures
  • regular success control and, if necessary, adjustment

That comes with the implementation Marketing mix-Instruments used. This describes all conceivable options for action to achieve the marketing goals. They consist of the four pillars:

The marketing mix is the sensible combination of instruments from these areas.

Different orientations

Within the very broad and overarching marketing term, numerous terms have been established for special marketing orientations and focuses.
Examples are:

  • Direct marketing
  • guerilla marketing
  • Ethnic Marketing
  • Neuromarketing
  • online marketing
  • Ambush Marketing
  • Sponsorship


  • Marketing = all company activities aimed at successful marketing
  • Marketing as an organization and as a function
  • Marketing as a standard process
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