Marketing logistics

Marketing logistics is that part of logistics that deals with the flow of products from their completion to the customers. It is also used as sales logistics, Distribution logistics or physical distribution designated.

Marketing logistics tasks

The speed and reliability of delivery of a product can play a crucial role in sales. Marketing logistics has the task of reliably ensuring that the products are offered on the market in the right number, in the right condition, at the right time and in the right place, according to their demand. The resulting costs are to be kept as low as possible. Major problems in marketing logistics can be seen in the following questions:

  • Should own or third-party warehouses be used?
  • Is it preferable to transport the goods in-house or by third parties?
  • Are there several external warehouses or is only one central warehouse to be set up?
  • How many warehouses should be available in what size?
  • What equipment should the warehouses receive?
  • From which warehouse should the products be delivered?
  • Which means of transport are to be deposited on which routes?
  • Should the product be sold through agents or travelers?
  • Should orders of little value be carried out or not?
  • How and where can marketing costs be reduced?

Logistic issues

Logistic issues have been neglected in marketing for a long time. However, they are of great importance today, since the effectiveness of marketing efforts remains limited without a quick and reliable guarantee of supplies. The importance of marketing logistics is shown by the high proportion of distribution costs in sales, which make up between 10 and 30 %.

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