Marketing information system

Marketing information systems provide systematic, decision and action-oriented support for marketing management. The aim is, on the one hand, to continuously improve the recording of customer requests and, on the other, to increase the efficiency of the marketing concepts in accordance with this.

For this purpose, market, customer and sales information is recorded, saved, sorted, analyzed and systematically processed. They are available to system users for targeted use before, during and after the use of marketing policy instruments:

Ex ante in connection with market or customer-related analyzes

Parallel to the implementation of marketing policy measures and the accompanying controlling

Ex-post for subsequent controlling of the efficiency of the marketing mix elements

Information ist heute weltweit ein besonders wichtiger Produktionsfaktor. Durch gezieltes Knowledge management lassen sich im Marketing Wissensvorsprünge erzielen, durch die sich Unternehmen infrastrukturelle Voraussetzungen für Wettbewerbsvorteile schaffen können. Marketing-Informationssysteme müssen unternehmensinterne und -externe zielmarktbezogene Marketingdaten und -informationen sammeln, auswerten und bereitstellen.

On this basis, decisions can then ideally be made in a target-oriented manner, in particular on marketing strategies and the use of marketing policy instruments, and implemented in action. Modern marketing information systems record data promptly and accurately, for example using pocket computers or "Personal Digital Assistants" (PDA). These mobile data collection devices provide a timely and factually solid basis for well-founded marketing-related decisions and actions.

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