Marketing goals

Marketing goals are generally understood to mean the result that is to be achieved with the help of the marketing mix instruments. As a rule, a company pursues several marketing goals that are interrelated.

Definition / explanation

A manageable marketing goal requires an exact definition and concretization with regard to content, time frame and degree of target achievement. It must be operationalizable - that is, understandable - accessible and verifiable.

Ideally, the goals complement and support each other, but in reality there are often conflicting relationships between goals. That is, the achievement of a marketing goal by the Marketing mix is only possible at the expense of someone else. Prioritizations are then required. Different types of marketing goals can be distinguished.

Strategic and operational marketing goals

Strategic Marketing Goals - Strategic marketing goals pursue a fundamental, long-term oriented goal that is of central importance for the company - for example the development of new markets or new target groups.

Operational marketing goals - Operational or tactical marketing goals, on the other hand, tend to be short-term oriented and subordinate to the strategic goals.

There is usually a clear hierarchy of goals between strategic and operational marketing goals.

Quantitative and qualitative marketing goals

Quantitative marketing goals - Quantitative marketing goals can be measured in terms of numbers or values. Typical examples of this are sales, profit, cost or market share targets. They can be used very well for controlling purposes because the degree of target achievement can be easily determined here.

Qualitative marketing goals - In contrast, this is more difficult with qualitative marketing goals. Often they can only be described. Qualitative marketing goals relate, for example, to service, image or level of awareness.


  • Marketing goals = desired results using the marketing mix
  • a distinction is made between strategic and operational marketing goals
  • Measurability via quantitative and qualitative marketing goals
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