Marketing costs

Marketing costs are all costs that arise from the fact that procured or manufactured products are offered or sold on the market. Since the level of marketing costs has a significant impact on the success of the company, they must be planned carefully. Types of marketing costs can be distinguished:

Types of Marketing Costs

Administrative marketing costs, e.g. B. Costs of marketing or sales management, costs of sales planning and sales control.

Marketing costs generating sales, e.g. B. Costs of advertising, sales promotion, costs of public relations, field service, personal sales.

Sales-recognizing marketing costs, e.g. B. Costs of invoicing (invoicing), shipping, packaging, delivery, payment processing and order processing.

Marketing cost plan

These marketing costs are systematically and completely included in the marketing cost plan, which is part of the marketing cost accounting. It is used to provide the necessary information. That can be B. be:

Amount of the total marketing costs, which are divided into individual marketing cost types with a time allocation.

Breakdown of marketing costs by customer type or sales area, both in absolute terms and in percentage terms.

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