Market equilibrium

Wenn in der Wirtschaft supply and demand für ein Produkt des Marktes genau aufeinander treffen, wird in der Volkswirtschaftslehre vom sogenannten Marktgleichgewicht gesprochen. Dieses findet sich häufig als grafische Darstellung wieder. So läßt sich die Gleichgewichtshöhe am Schnittpunkt der Nachfrage- und Supply curve detect.

Definition / explanation

In most cases, the market equilibrium represents the optimal economic market condition, because there is neither excess demand nor a transfer of supply. In this way, the amount of the equilibrium and the equilibrium price can be determined with certainty.

Of course, not every market is permanently in equilibrium. The reason for this is that there are constant fluctuations between the economy supply and demand comes.

There are innumerable aspects and conditions here. As a result, it may take some time to equilibrate the market for a product. These adjustments are determined by providers and consumers alike.

Companies are constantly adjusting their prices to the market and are thus given the opportunity to ensure market equilibrium. Consumers, on the other hand, can, for example, keep stocks and thus also contribute to a balanced market.

Equilibrium price and quantity

So that the market equilibrium in the economy can be defined with certainty, the so-called equilibrium price as well as the equilibrium quantity are of great importance.

Equilibrium quantity - There is absolute equilibrium in the market for the equilibrium quantity. The supply and demand of certain goods and commodities are exactly the same. So there is no excess demand or supply here.

Equilibrium price - As with the equilibrium quantity, the equilibrium price represents a market state which is in equilibrium and without fluctuations. In view of the equilibrium prices, it should be borne in mind that every supplier naturally intends to get the highest possible price for his products, as much as possible should be sold.

Most customers, on the other hand, only want to buy more when the prices are ultimately low. In the case of the equilibrium price, it is also assumed that excess supply and demand are excluded.

The equilibrium price is thus achieved by means of a long striving for equalization in the economy.

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