Management support system

What does Management Support System (MSS) mean?

The Management Support System (MSS) is used to support problem solving in the company departments. Special forms of management support systems are expert systems. It offers the possibility of querying information from a database.

The queries can be:

Preparatory querieswith which the user can obtain recurring evaluations and displays by calling up certain codes. A user program that controls queries in dialog is usually formatted so that the user only needs to know the input format, the effect of individual questions and the parameters to be specified. Knowledge of the available data is not a prerequisite.

Free queriesfor which stored data is searched for in the database. In order for the user to be able to formulate his questions, he must have knowledge of the existing data.

Types of management support systems

Data support systems

Data support systemswhich offer the possibility of querying the database for specific purposes and according to any criteria. In addition, the information can be filtered, linked and grouped as desired or used for further processing systems.

Decision support systems

Decision support systemsdesigned to help decision makers analyze, diagnose, and resolve problems that are poorly structured. This is the case when they cannot be described by a mathematical model because the number of factors determining the solution is too large or the factual relationships can only be penetrated with difficulty.

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