Management by motivation

What is management by motivation?
Management by motivation includes all of the actions and decisions made by a manager to motivate employees to work harder, to put maximum effort into tasks and far-reaching efforts. This is how managers lead employees to maximum results and this leads to corporate development.
The motivation to work involves the use of a number of different tools and instruments that influence human action and thought. Each organization creates its own motivation system that affects the employees whose goal is to increase the productivity of the employees. Getting people to do work basically boils down to:

  • Creation of specific incentives, both material (bonus, salary, reward) and immaterial (praise, request, appreciation),
  • Employees force through orders, threats and all kinds of punishments.

Coercive measures have far less motivational power than incentives. As a result, more and more attention is paid to finding ways in which employees can be encouraged to work in such a way that they act willingly on delimited tasks.

First and foremost, in order to effectively implement the technique of management through motivation, managers should remember that:

The basic need of every person is to be valued and observed, in order to meet this need, the person is ready to do a lot,

Diversity of behavioral and management tools, as it is difficult to adapt them to individual needs, sensitivity, temperament and other personal characteristics,

Managers should treat subordinates as they would like to be treated themselves. We are all human and although we differ in appearance, we all have one common trait, which is feelings.

The clever use of this technology can bring many advantages for the company. It can have a positive effect on employee motivation, which may make them work more effectively and more willing.

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