Mailing List Manager (MLM)

What is Mailing List Manager (MLM)?
A mailing list manager (MLM) is a utility available in most email applications where a user can create groups and lists of email addresses according to the type of contact.

An MLM helps with sending and replying or forwarding email for specific groups like work, family, or just general use. A mailing list manager is also known as a distribution list manager.
A mailing list manager, as the name suggests, helps manage email addresses that are stored in a specific group. An MLM makes it easier for the user to reply or to mark the priority of certain emails.

It can also help to send certain informational emails to a specific group of people who will use the manager to make it easier to send. Instead of entering and selecting each individual email address, the user can select the list instead. Each contact that is in the list is sent that the email and its replies remain in this thread or another tab, depending on the configuration settings.

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