Lotus Domino

What is Lotus Domino?
Lotus Domino is one developed by IBM Collaboration software for hosting critical applications, messaging (e-mail functions) and work processes as well as security functions for business-critical information.

Lotus Domino can be used as a web server and / or as an application server for the Lotus Notes application, the client side of a collaborative client-server application.

Lotus Domino uses a document-oriented database called the Notes Store to manage data such as rich text documents (formatted text and images) and other document files with attachments. This database is the central component of the Domino architecture.

The core services include the following server functions: web, database, email, applications, and directory.

Lotus Domino products are published concurrently with the same version of Lotus Notes client products. Lotus Domino products include:

- Express cooperation
- corporate server
- News Express
- messaging server
- Express utility
- utility server
- Access for Microsoft Outlook
- Administrator client
- Designer client
- Document manager
- Any place
- IBM Lotus iNotes (known as IBM Lotus Domino Web Access before 2008)
- Lite mode (for slow connections)
- Ultralite Mode (for the Safari browser on an Apple iPhone)
- Unified Communications
- Lotus Notes traveler

Although Lotus Domino is independent of the hardware or software used, the version of Lotus Domino supported by the operating system must be published around the same time as the operating system release.

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