Logistics center

What is a logistics center?
One of the conditions for the efficient movement of products in a logistics system is the creation of nodes and a modal logistics network. The temporary form of creating centers for logistics services are integrated warehouses - also called storage areas.
Economic development is closely related to the development of logistics, which must meet the expectations and profit of customers. The main inspiration for building logistics centers are:

- the growing importance of customer service
- Compression of time
- reduce costs
- organizational integration

A logistics center is a spatially functioning building with the infrastructure and organization in which logistical services in connection with the reception, storage, distribution and release of goods and related services by independent (in relation to the sender or the recipient) operators be provided.

Logistics centers help to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of logistics processes and customer satisfaction. They can concentrate their investments in logistics infrastructure and investments in production and sales. Investments in logistics centers cause an increasing demand for labor, increase the demand in the construction market.

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