Location analyzes

What is location analysis?
Location analytics is the process or way of extracting insights from the location or geographic component of business data. Data, particularly transactional data generated by companies, often contains a geographic component which, when incorporated in a geographic information system, enables new dimensions of analysis and insight, in this case through a more visual approach.

Location surveys are often a visual method of interpreting and analyzing the information represented by the data when used in conjunction with a geographic information system. This can be done for both real-time geographic data and historical geographic data. Real-time location analytics can be applied to businesses such as courier and postal services that need to track the locations of delivery vehicles and packages in real time. This is also very useful for military purposes as it makes the exact location of troops and enemy movement easier to see on a map and gives better tactical advantages. On the other hand,

Site analyzes can also be applied to scientific and disaster prevention measures. Historical data can be visualized on a map to show which areas have historically been flooded and to focus flooding efforts on those areas. This also applies to earthquakes, in which the government can impose stricter and higher earthquake safety requirements for buildings in certain seismic areas.

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