Load test software

What is load testing software?
Load testing software is a type of software that tests a software or web application by implementing user load on it. It mimics user load / requirements on software by implementing a large number of simultaneous connection or access requests for the tested software or applications.

Load test software is also known as stress test software.

Load test software primarily tests the robustness or availability of software under normal to extreme operating conditions. Load tests help to evaluate the limit or capacity of the software up to which it can provide normal services without being burdened by users / processes.

The load testing software displays or applies a logical user load to the software, implying the same number of input / output or other user requests as in a real environment. The testing process starts with a load equivalent to that of a few users and gradually increases the number of user requests. The resulting data also helps identify the number of concurrent users a website or software can handle.

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