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What is Link Checker?
A link checker is a service or software tool used to check or check for broken hyperlinks in a website or web page. It enables website owners to identify dead or broken links and thus avoid connecting to invalid websites.

There are several link checkers available: some are free and some are commercial. Online and offline versions are also available. Simple link checkers check whether the web pages of a website contain broken links, while advanced links also look for external links to other websites. Almost all link checkers are recursive and can either perform site crawls automatically or at user startup. Some link checkers have additional functions such as anti-virus checks, syntax checks, additional information about the links used, etc. Some link checkers also offer a browser plug-in or add-on support.

One of the most important advantages of using a link checker is to ensure a good user experience by removing broken links, and also to ensure that the search engine optimization of a webpage or website is not affected. It is time consuming and often inconvenient for website owners to individually review every external and internal link on their websites. With a link checker you can check the links automatically and more effectively.

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