Line matrix printer

What is a line matrix printer?
A line matrix printer is a printer that combines the printing techniques of dot matrix printers and line printers. Line matrix printers are widely used in industries such as banking, back office, and manufacturing because of their high speed printing capabilities.

Line printers print quickly one after the other, line by line. In the case of dot matrix printers, printing is done with a print head that strikes the ribbon on the paper. Line matrix printers combine these two features in their printing technology. In the line matrix printer, printing is done by creating a line of text with the help of dotted lines. With continuous forms, the integrity of the printed document can be easily maintained. Line matrix printers are environmentally friendly printers because they generate less waste from packaging, hardware, or consumables, and they use less energy than most other printers. Line matrix printers are considered to be the best printers for printing multipart forms, labels, card stock, oversized media, and many other atypical categories of media.

There are significant advantages associated with line matrix printers. The average lifespan of line matrix printers is twice that of laser printers. It offers high resistance to harsh environmental conditions and rough handling. It offers fast throughput as well as high reliability. Compared to laser printers, line matrix printers result in significant energy savings and lower costs per page. It is also able to print graphics and barcodes in addition to text. For all of these reasons, it offers one of the lowest cost of ownership for a printer.

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