Leapfrogging Effect

Leapfrogging means leapfrog. The leapfrogging effect describes the behavior of customers when they postpone the purchase of a product because they expect a significant improvement in this product in the foreseeable future (product modification). The currently offered product is "skipped" by customers.

The leapfrogging effect varies from industry to industry and from company to company. It occurs mainly in durable consumer goods and technology-intensive capital goods. Typical examples are the following industries: information technology, telecommunications. Automobiles, consumer electronics and specialist books. The leapfrogging effect is greater ...

  • the more attractive the performance improvement of the product assumed by customers is
  • the higher the willingness of customers to wait or the lower the urgency of the need
  • je kürzer der Product life cycle ist
  • the closer the introduction time of the successor product approaches

Leapfrogging causes sales to be postponed. This effect can be advantageous or disadvantageous.

Wenn das gegenwärtig angebotene Produkt erfolgreich ist, dann ist Leapfrogging für das betreffende Unternehmen unerwünscht. Das Market potential des gegenwärtigen Produktes wird nicht voll ausgeschöpft, und entsprechende Umsätze können erst mit dem zukünftigen Produkt erzielt werden. Um diesen Nachteil abzuschwächen oder zu vermeiden, können preissensible Kunden durch Sonderkonditionen zum Kauf des Auslaufmodells bewegt werden. Der Absatz des aktuellen Produktes kann auch durch eine Intensivierung der Werbung und/oder des Vertriebs gefördert werden.

If the product currently on offer is uncompetitive and a much improved product is about to be launched, then leapfrogging is desirable behavior. In this case, it is important to generate positive expectations among customers through advance notice of the modified product, early presentation of prototypes, trade fair appearances, targeted launching of information to the relevant media and advertising with dealers and / or potential end users. This can ensure that direct and indirect customers decide against buying a current competing product and wait for the introduction of the new product generation.

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