Lead promotion

What is lead promotion?
Lead promotion is a marketing term for building relationships with prospects even when they are not currently looking for a product or service. Lead promotion is designed to raise a company's profile in the eyes of the potential customer, making it more likely that the customer will go with the company's product or service at the time of purchase. Lead nurturing is part of the larger marketing process.

Lead promotion begins as soon as a company has the contact details of a potential customer and can personalize the communication with them. Lead nurturing can simply be an occasional email notifying the customer of product or service updates, price changes, and so on. With more complex lead-nothing campaigns, customers need to be educated about the benefits of a particular product or service and personalized pitches designed to encourage customers to buy sooner rather than later. Lead nursing is a traditional marketing practice but has now taken on a new meaning as companies use social media to create communities around their products.

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