LANDesk Client Manager

What is LANDesk Client Manager?
LANDesk Client Manager (LDCM) was an Intel software product used by local area network (LAN) administrators to monitor the configuration and status of connected devices such as PCs, workstations and printers.

The first version of LDCM, around 1999, was preinstalled by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), but required a basic input / output operating system (BIOS) that supported the systems management BIOS specification, version 2.0.

Although it was founded in 1985, acquired by Intel in 1991, and pioneered desktop management software until 1993, little information exists about LDCM.

It is not currently listed under Manufactured or Supported Products. In 2006 the company was acquired by Avocent, which was taken over by Emerson Electric in 2009. In August 2010, Thomas Bravo LLC announced its intention to acquire LANDesk Software and establish it as an independent company.

LANDesk Client Manager was an implementation of the DMI (Desktop Management Interface) standard established by the Desktop Management Task Force (DMTF). DMI requires that each connected component provide a management information file (MIF).

LDCM included a PC health monitoring function that notifies system administrators of such data as CPU and motherboard temperatures, low memory status, existing boot viruses, and similar data. It also monitored elements of all software and hardware.

LANDesk Client Manager is now considered a discontinued product.

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