Labor market research

Der Arbeitsmarkt ist das Zusammentreffen von supply and demand von Arbeitskräften. Der Personalbereich hat sein Augenmerk auf den Arbeitsmarkt zu lenken, um ihn einschätzen und beeinflussen zu können. Die Erkundung des Arbeitsmarktes geschieht im Rahmen der Arbeitsmarktforschung die auch als Personalmarktforschung bezeichnet wird. Ihr stellen sich insbesondere zwei Aufgaben:
The analysis of the current and future situation of labor supply and demand. According to a study by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), future labor market development is characterized by the fact that Germany is increasingly developing into a service society and the demands placed on the qualifications of employees in companies are increasing.

The foundation of personnel management measures with regard to the company's procurement potential. This is to be understood as the part of the labor supply that is currently or will be considered for vacant positions in the future. The procurement potential can be:

Open labor market potential:
These include unemployed people looking for work, employees looking for a new job, foreign workers without work and younger job seekers entering the labor market.

Latent labor market potential:
It does not appear openly, e.g. B. Housewives who used to be in the work process. The latent potential can be tapped by labor that is poached by other companies or by increasing employment among certain population groups.

The labor market can be an internal or an external labor market.

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