Label edge router

What is Label Edge Router?
A label edge router is used in the edges of an MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) network. As the name suggests, label edge routers are located on the periphery or on the edge of an MPLS network and act as a gateway between the local network and the network in the wider area or the Internet itself. They take care of getting in and out of information in the network.

Whenever there is outbound information or data, the label-edge router assigns labels to the data packets based on what information the packet carries.
It then attaches the label and sends the packet to the network. On the other hand, when the router receives data it removes the labels attached to the package and routes them to the correct location based on the information on the label.

This type of router, together with an MPLS, is mainly used in large networks, especially tech-oriented networks, as they help to improve the speed at which information is forwarded through the routers.

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