key account manager

As a rule, key account managers are employees in industry who are supposed to optimally look after certain major or key customers in the retail sector. You have the following tasks:

  • Analysis and evaluation of key customers (customer evaluation)
  • Analysis and evaluation of the relevant competitors
  • Development of customer-specific quarterly and annual targets
  • Development of customer-specific marketing activities
  • Planning of customer-specific products or ranges
  • Presentation of new products and sales promotions
  • Preparation and implementation of annual discussions with the decision-makers of major customers

Key account managers are competent negotiating partners for professional purchasing managers. In this way, they promote cooperation with key customers.

There are various options for anchoring the key account manager in the sales organization. The organizational form shown has proven itself in practice.

The responsibility for sales, turnover and earnings lies with the respective sales manager in the individual regions. The supraregional trade centers are handled by the national key account manager, who in turn communicates directly with the regional key account manager.

The regional key account manager looks after the regional headquarters of the trade and communicates with the responsible sales manager of the field organization, who, in addition to guiding his district travelers, also handles some direct customers. With this form of organization, the key account managers act as marketing specialists with a clear separation between management and sales.

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