CEP market

CEP market = market for Kurier, E.xpress and P.acetic services.

The range of services in this market includes individually tailored and reliable express delivery services. The heterogeneous spectrum of courier services ranges from small urban or regional companies with two-wheelers or passenger cars to international air courier services with their own fleet of aircraft. Courier services in particular transport documents and papers with an average weight of 1.5 to 2 kg, but increasingly also small goods.
The express service has been offered nationwide in the Federal Republic of Germany since the late 1970s. It can be viewed as a more differentiated and qualitatively improved form of forwarder groupage traffic. Cars and trucks serve as a means of transport, and increasingly also airplanes. The standardized product of the parcel services is offered as part of a regular and scheduled service. In the traditional parcel service, parcels weighing between 3 and 30 kg are transported.

Als Verkehrsmittel werden PKW oder LKW und im internationalen Transport das Flugzeug eingesetzt. Anders als beim Expreßdienst wird der Transport immer über ein Depot durchgeführt, in welchem die Sammlung und anschließende Weiterleitung der einzelnen Pakete erfolgt. (Success strategies in logistics).

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