Just-in-time staff

The world of recruiting is constantly changing, and both employers and recruiters are trying to maximize the tremendous growth in temporary workers. This talented workforce is the result of the booming workforce that today represents 30-40% of all workers in North America.

Employing these workers can bring significant benefits to the companies they employ, however rigid views on staffing have held many organizations back.
Fortunately, these attitudes are changing. New recruiting methods are created every year. Introducing a mix of these people strategies into your hiring process can help your company achieve great results.

Whether your company's hiring is being managed by a human resources department or a purchasing department, it's important to make the most of these new methods of attracting top talent. Whether full-time, part-time, salary or contract work - different categories of employees can help move a company forward and increase sales.

Eine dieser neueren Methoden ist Just-in-Time-Personal. Die Flexibilität und Kostenwirksamkeit dieser HR strategy hat die Einstellung vieler Organisationen und den Prozess, in dem sie Arbeitnehmer einstellen, verändert.

What is just-in-time staff?

Just-in-time personnel companies are essentially web- and smartphone-enabled personnel services that offer a marketplace for on-site work.

The term is derived from a Japanese concept known as just-in-time manufacturing, where parts were only delivered when the process needed them.

Just-in-time recruitment firms typically provide a marketplace for business-to-business and on-site labor agreements, using technologies such as bilateral digital job marketplaces, rating systems, and recruiting or matchmaking to place workers with relevant employers.

Sie ist gekennzeichnet von Arbeitern, Arbeitern mit Short-time work und Arbeitern, die mit Stundenlohn entlohnt werden. Just-in-Time-Personalunternehmen stammen aus Online-Personalfirmen, unterscheiden sich jedoch in vielerlei Hinsicht.

Just-in-time staff are responsible for the work on site and typically work at the lower end of the skill spectrum, while online recruitment firms focus mostly on remote work.

What are the benefits of just-in-time personnel?

Companies can achieve numerous benefits by implementing just-in-time personnel in their hiring process, such as risk reduction, improved efficiency, workplace agility and cost savings.

Cost savings - Instead of hiring full-time workers for every project that requires new talent, just-in-time employees let you hire a skilled worker, however long you need them. This means that you save manpower on all the days of the year when the specific employee is not needed.

Improved efficiency - Just-in-time work means attracting workers when there is only a need. This means your company can hire someone for a specific job or project without having to hire a full-time employee who you may not need all year round. This means the organization can fill gaps in staffing levels while reducing costs and making the way it works more efficiently.

speed - Just-in-time staff is speed. Your organization can instantly find the talent you need, when it is needed, without going through the process of an HR or procurement department that has much more complex tasks to spend their time on.

Risk reduction - As vigilant as your company is with the interview process, there is no doubt that there is some risk involved in hiring full-time employees. There is no one hundred percent way to ensure that an employee is a good fit for your company. Relocation, replacement, and the risks associated with being a full-time employee are expensive and time consuming. However, just-in-time workers are easy to replace and the stakes are much lower.

Agility in the workplace - Companies are increasingly relying on “agile talents”; Workers who can be employed on call and who have specific skills for specific tasks. Just-in-time human resource management provides companies with an easy path to on-demand talent and the ability to create an agile and dynamic workplace that shifts according to the needs of the company.

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