Jobs and study places abroad

What opportunities are there to work abroad?

A job or an internship abroad can significantly accelerate the further career of young professionals. Professional stays abroad are also very positive for later applications, not to mention the good language skills that are usually associated with this. If you are looking for a job abroad, you should first use the relevant information exchanges. For example, the Central Employment Agency (ZAV see below) can give you a large number of internships and jobs abroad.
If you are looking for a job within the EU, the employment office can help you. But you can also find what you are looking for in specialist magazines and national newspapers (eg »Die Zeit«, Internet: www

If you want to apply directly abroad, you should definitely inquire about the required work permit at the responsible consulate beforehand. However, a work permit is not required for jobs within the EU. The consulate can also give you tips on what to consider when applying. There you can also find out a lot about the customary working conditions in the country (such as working hours, salaries).

Study abroad

There is a whole range of special programs for students that arrange stays abroad, both study places and internships. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD, see below) offers comprehensive information.
The EU program »Socrates / Erasmus« is aimed at students who want to study abroad for a certain period of time. It is based on a cooperation project between the respective home university and its partner university abroad. From the third semester onwards, you can apply for a partial scholarship, which covers part of the costs.

"Leonardo da Vinci" is another EU program. It promotes the exchange between universities and business enterprises in Europe. Students who want to do an internship abroad can either contact the International Office of their university or the DAAD. A detailed program is also available from the Central Employment Agency.

If you only want to study abroad for one semester, you can apply for BAföG abroad. The prerequisite for this is that the semester is conducive to your level of training and can at least partially be credited towards your entire degree. Depending on the federal state, the various state offices are responsible for training funding. You can obtain information on this from the international offices of the universities and from the DAAD.

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