Job sharing

Also known as: Job sharing

Job sharing is a working time model of part-time work in which two or more employees share at least one workplace.

Definition / explanation

Job sharing is a working time model in which at least two part-time employees share one or more workplaces.

Different breakdowns in terms of working hours and tasks are possible. The colleagues usually share the workplace independently, which means that they have to coordinate their working hours with one another.

There are a wide variety of models with regard to the distribution of working hours: The most common form of job sharing is the half-day rhythm, but a daily division is also possible. For some jobs, completely different arrangements can be made, e.g. that the weekly or monthly working hours vary between colleagues.

Job sharing requires a high degree of flexibility, willingness to cooperate and communication.

Forms of job sharing

Job Splitting - The simplest form of job sharing

With job splitting, the task profiles of colleagues are identical, that is, it is only about the time division of the workplace. In short, a full-time job is divided into part-time jobs. The colleagues do not have to coordinate with each other. The part-time positions are independent of each other. If one employee quits, the second still retains his job.

Job pairing - division according to tasks

With job pairing, colleagues have to coordinate the distribution of tasks with one another. They are jointly responsible for their area of responsibility and make important decisions together. With job pairing, the employment contract is concluded with the partners. Termination is also only possible together.

Top sharing - job sharing in management positions

With top sharing, several executives share a full-time job, with the tasks and functions being divided. However, the managers share responsibility and make important decisions in consultation, for example when it comes to personnel decisions or higher investments.

Legal information on job sharing

Job sharers are considered part-time workers. You are just as subject to the statutory right of termination as all other employees. The salary is paid proportionally depending on the working hours. The vacation entitlement is also calculated proportionally based on the regular working hours.


  • different working time models are possible
  • a job can be shared in terms of working hours or tasks
  • Job sharers receive their salary and vacation proportionally
  • Job sharing is also possible on the management floor
  • Job sharers have to coordinate with each other and communicate a lot
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  • job sharing
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