Job rotation

Also known as: Job rotation

The English term job rotation can be translated as changing jobs. In German usage it describes a form of work organization, a measure of personnel development and crime prevention as well as an instrument of labor market policy.

Explanation / definition

Job rotation defines a work organization in which employees systematically take turns in their work tasks and swap their workplaces in a certain rhythm. This reciprocal swap of jobs is intended to prevent monotonous work flow.

Job rotation is used as a personnel development measure to familiarize an employee with various operational functional areas by changing jobs. It aims to prepare employees for their future managerial responsibilities. Companies use this measure in a targeted manner to train trainees in-house to become managers.

Employers also use job rotation for activities that encourage criminal activity. The mutual control of the employees among one another reduces the risk potential of misusing the position for criminal purposes.

Employment agencies use job rotation in labor market policy to train employees for different jobs and to promote their flexibility.

advantages and disadvantages

advantages - Employees acquire additional qualifications and can therefore be deployed more flexibly. In addition, they develop a better understanding of other work areas and of the work relationships within the company. In addition, productivity and motivation increase.

disadvantage - Possible disadvantages are a lack of willingness to change jobs, excessive demands, higher workload and a lack of integration into the workplace.


  • systematic change within the working group
  • Change of job as an individual personnel development measure
  • Change of job as crime prevention
  • Education and training measure in labor market policy
  • higher qualifications, flexibility and motivation
  • Risk of excessive demands and a lack of integration
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