Job enrichment

Also known as: Job enrichment

Job enrichment counts as well as job declaration and Job rotation to the measures of work structuring. As such, it serves to promote the employees concerned.

Definition / explanation

With job enrichment, the employer enriches the work of the employee with subtasks that require higher-quality requirements. The employee is given the opportunity to take on more personal responsibility.

The scope in which he can make decisions and exercise control powers is expanded. In contrast to job largement, job enrichment therefore describes a form of vertical restructuring.

Objectives of job enrichment

Job enrichment aims to increase work motivation and avoid monotony. The increased personal responsibility promotes the development of the personality and the self-realization of the employee.

Damit werden die höheren Bedürfnisse in der Bedürfnispyramide nach Maslow in größerem Maße befriedigt. Im Sinne der Two factor theory von Herzberg gilt Verantwortung als Motivationsfaktor.

Overall, it can therefore be assumed that job enrichment has a positive effect on the employee's job satisfaction. However, care must be taken not to overwhelm the employee. If necessary, job enrichment requires prior training in order to prepare the employee for the higher demands.


  • Enrichment of work with more demanding activities
  • more personal responsibility
  • greater scope for decision-making
  • less monotony
  • higher motivation
  • increasing job satisfaction
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