Job evaluation

Job evaluation involves recording, measuring and assessing difficulties in work on the basis of qualitative work analyzes. The work within a company is examined and described in order to determine their relationship to one another according to the work content or the work requirements.
A normal performance is taken as the basis for the work to be assessed. It is the human work performance that can be at least achieved and expected by any sufficiently suitable employee with full practice and induction, without damage to health in the long term, if he observes the correct distribution times and recovery times contained in the specification.

The result of the evaluation is not an absolute wage determinant, but a work value as a numerical symbol for the level of work difficulty. It serves both the wage differentiation and the selection and deployment of personnel.

The job evaluation can be regulated as other working conditions in a collective agreement (Section 77 (3) BetrVG). The works council has the right to co-determination when carrying out the job evaluation.

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