Job enlargement

Also known as: Work expansion

Job Enlargement is an instrument of work structuring as a work expansion. It aims just like Job enrichment and Job rotation aims to promote workers.

Definition / explanation

When the employer expands the work of his employee to include additional tasks with equivalent requirements, this is called job enlargement.

The employee thus carries out other work content in addition to his previous activity. This makes his area of activity more diverse and interesting. In contrast to job enrichment, the new tasks are not associated with a higher level of requirements or greater scope for decision-making.

There is thus a horizontal expansion of work and an increase in tasks.

Objectives of job enlargement

Job Enlargement aims to improve performance and increase flexibility. It enables the employer to improve personnel planning and to employ staff more flexibly.

The increased variety of activities is intended to prevent monotony and symptoms of fatigue. In doing so, the employer combats negative consequences such as decline in performance, absenteeism and fluctuation.

The employee himself benefits from a more varied field of activity. Through the additional experience, he can develop and change professionally.


  • Expansion of the activity to include other tasks of equal importance
  • horizontal expansion of work without additional decision-making power
  • more variety in the workplace
  • less monotony
  • higher performance
  • greater flexibility in personnel deployment
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  • job enlargement

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