Is it worth studying the humanities?

A common dilemma for prospective Bachelor students is the question of whether a Bachelor's degree in the humanities is actually worthwhile and what opportunities it offers on the job market.

No less than two-thirds of humanities graduates are hired in the private sector. Approximately 60% of the CEOs are humanities graduates.

What's the catch with a humanities bachelor's degree?

Humanities is about everything to do with culture and the creative life, including most disciplines outside of the exact sciences. The main areas of investigation are therefore:

  • Languages & literature
  • Art music
  • story
  • philosophy
  • religion

A Bachelor in Humanities could be the right choice for you if you are passionate about communication, knowledge of people and ideas, and creativity. Humanities studies encourage openness and flexibility because the core philosophy of humanities science is that people are inherently subjective and all research should reflect this.

Study opportunities for the humanities

A bachelor's degree in humanities gives you an overview of selected subjects in the humanities and helps you acquire basic knowledge and social skills.

You learn to analyze people and events and to argue for your opinions.
You can make complicated ideas sound simple.
There are as many jobs for humanities graduates as there are for IT and math graduates.
You learn how to formulate an idea and deal with people directly.
You will make others jealous of your cultural knowledge.
Humanities place more emphasis on emotional intelligence and skills.

Industries for humanities graduates

The big question for aspiring humanities graduates is: In which industry can I get a job with a degree in humanities?

Journalism and publishing

Many journalists have degrees in humanities rather than journalism, which gives them the communication and analytical skills they need to cover the news. The publishing industry also needs an eye for detail and the ability to spot a great narrative from the humanities graduates.


Advertising is all about creative thinking and making people's reaction to ads positive. As a humanities graduate, you bring both with you, thanks to your studies in society, culture and literature.

International Relations

If your studies focus on a particular culture, you have a great chance of ending up as a cultural attaché in embassies in other countries. You are the most qualified person to understand this country's culture and represent your own. Even more so if you specialize in international relations.

to teach

If you are passionate about your topic, pass it on to others. The skills you learn in your own degree can be passed on to the next generation while maintaining academic prestige.

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