Investor Relations

Companies advertised their customers very early on and tried to build a good reputation in the market for products and services. Soon these informational relationships were expanded. An attempt was made to maintain the image that the company generally has in public (public relations). A little later, individual inputs were targeted, especially the group of young professionals and investors.
Investor-Relations bezeichnet das Anknüpfen und die Pflege kommunikativer Beziehungen zu Aktionären und zu Banken. Der Begriff steht für die Gesamtheit der Maßnahmen von Unternehmen mit dem Ziel, die Bereitschaft externer Kapitalgeber zur financing zu unterstützen.

In contrast to public relations, which includes communication between the company and the public in all areas of the company, investor relations focuses on the economic and financial aspects of the company.

Private and institutional investors as well as intermediate target groups such as financial analysts, who as a source of information for the financial press have a significant influence on the formation of public opinion, should perceive the company as an attractive investment.
In the case of listed companies, the main goal of investor relations is to achieve an optimal stock market valuation, that is, to achieve a valuation that is as long-term as possible and an appropriate valuation stability. Subordinate objectives to this main objective are listed:

1. Composition of the group of shareholders: The existing composition of the group of shareholders can be expanded through targeted communication. The more different investor groups belong to the group of shareholders, the lower the dependency of the share price on the investment behavior of the individual group.

2. Building trust among investors and investor loyalty: The more investors trust a company, the more willing they are to invest in the long term. These components have a stabilizing effect on the stock market price (MICHAEL DRILL: Investor Relations. Haupt, Bern 1995).

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