Communication policy instruments

Unter dem Begriff Communication policy werden alle Maßnahmen zusammengefasst, die ein Unternehmen ergreift, um Informationen zu vermitteln, die Wissen, Erwartungen und Verhalten seiner Zielgruppen beeinflussen. Es stehen dazu verschiedene Instrumente zur Verfügung, deren Kombination – der sogenannte Marketing mix - is based on the company's goals and capabilities.

Classic instrument: advertising

The task of advertising is to provide information about the existence and properties as well as the terms and conditions of a product or service. In addition, advertising often creates a specific image. In the end, the (potential) customer should be persuaded to buy. Advertising can be used individually for individuals (direct advertising) or for large groups (scatter advertising).

Tool for short-term goals: sales promotion

In sales promotion, actions are carried out at the point of sale in order to increase sales at short notice. The means for this are price promotions, gifts, vouchers or product demonstrations.

Public relations for long-term goals

The public relations tools are used to convey a positive image of the company and products to the public in order to achieve long-term good relationships with customers and interested parties, as well as employees and investors.
Die in der Öffentlichkeitsarbeit benutzten Mittel sind unter anderem Sponsorship, Veranstaltungen, Publikationen oder Pressekonferenzen. Wichtig ist dabei eine schlüssige Gesamtdarstellung des Unternehmens.

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