Innovation marketing

Innovation marketing - new products (e.g. computers, televisions) cause a fundamental change in human behavioral patterns and thus have an influence on the adaptation and diffusion processes. The more innovative a service is from the consumer's point of view, the more the purchasing decision-making processes are determined by interpersonal communication. The marketing mix activities must therefore be geared towards the adoption of the innovation on the part of the consumer.

In the capital goods sector, innovation marketing is a complex process between manufacturers and user organizations with long-term effects for both parties. In the course of this process, the following decisions in particular must be made:

  • Specification of the problem solution with its technical and usage-related components
  • Agreement on exchange conditions
  • Determination of the services to be provided by the parties during the process

The design of these decisions determines the marketing success and the quality of the future business relationship (relationship management / marketing).

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