Indicator forecasts

Indicator forecasts - indicators are variables on which a company has no influence, but on which other variables depend significantly. The development of indicators can be used for sales forecasts under the following conditions:

The values of the indicators must precede the sales with a certain time interval, show a close correlation to the sales development and be relatively easy to forecast.

The sale of fuels can be forecasted number of registered motor vehicles.

The sales of fitted kitchens can be forecasted from the number of building permits.

Baby food sales can be predicted based on the number of births.

Die Erstellung einer Indikatorprognose erfolgt in analoger Weise wie die Trend extrapolation. Als unabhängige Variable wird jedoch nicht die Satzentwicklung in der Vergangenheit zu Grunde gelegt, sondern die bisherige Entwicklung der Indikatorwerte in die Zukunft projiziert.

Before sales forecasts for several years can be made, the value development of the relevant indicators must first be forecast. The quality of sales forecasts can possibly be improved by considering two or more indicators with appropriate weighting.

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