Incoming material

Material receipt is the first phase of the material storage process. It can be centralized or decentralized and takes place in several steps:

Acceptance of the material

the Acceptance of the materialthat takes place in the receiving warehouse. In the case of large and bulky goods, this may be done in the requesting department because these goods were sent there directly. Lists are available that show the expected materials. The delivered material is checked for recognizable defects.

Identification of the material

the Identification of the materialthat takes place with a view to whether there is an order. When using a computer, this is done by recording the order number and then comparing it with the order file by entering it on the screen. Missing accompanying documents make identification difficult.

Examination of the material

the Examination of the materialwhich is carried out using the delivery note according to quantity, type, time and quality. In the event of discrepancies, it must be decided how to proceed. This has to happen in cooperation with purchasing.


the Auditing, in which the quantity, type and quality of the material specified on the delivery note are checked for compliance with the order record. If there are no deviations or if they are not acceptable, the material inventory is updated and the invoice is settled.

Preparation of incoming materials

the Preparation of incoming materialsthat completes the incoming material. They also document where the material is to be transported, e.g. B. in which warehouse or in which production area. When delivering time-critical materials, it is necessary to notify the purchaser or dispatcher immediately so that they can be sent to production quickly.

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