HR strategy

The personnel strategy is an operational instruction that is defined in the long term for the area of personnel management or is geared towards the realization of the goals. The following personnel strategies can be distinguished:

Recruiting staff

The timely procurement of personnel, e.g. B. through appealing job advertisements on the labor market or through the application of the principle of internal promotion.

Introduction of social innovations

The introduction of social innovations, e.g. B. via working hours, social benefits, personnel deployment, management, development-oriented innovations, bonus systems or by activating the company suggestion system.

Making working hours more flexible

Making working hours more flexible, e.g. B. by compensating for leisure time, free shifts, introducing flexitime, making shift work more flexible, Job sharing as division of a workplace between two or more people, improved design of personnel deployment.

Improve productivity

Improving productivity, e.g. B. through increased use of communication technology, improved group work, more responsibility of teams.

Increase in qualitative employee capacity

The increase in qualitative employee capacity by improving the performance and motivation of individual employees or their relationship structures, e.g. B. through cooperation between superiors and employees.

Personnel costs

Lowering staff costs, e.g. B. through personnel adjustments, rationalization measures, less fluctuation and absenteeism, better personnel planning

Pay structure

Improving the pay structure, e.g. B. by new systems of Job evaluation , Transparency of the amount and composition of the remuneration.

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