Home banking

The term “home banking” is derived from the English terms “home” and “banking” (doing banking). In order to take part, the bank customer needs a telephone connection, a PC and a modem connected to the telephone connection. The customer has access to the bank's computer via the telephone line. In this way, banking transactions can be carried out from the apartment at any time of the day or night.

So that the account management is protected from unauthorized access and the data really remains “personal”, everyone who takes part in home banking receives one

PIN (personal identification number) - That is, a personal secret number which, when entered together with the account number, enables access to the bank's computer.

Transfer and other orders can only be given if you can correctly enter another PIN, the TAN (transaction number).

Verbreitet ist insbesondere bei Specialized banks ein weiteres vereinfachtes Verfahren der telefonischen Übermittlung von Weisungen – der direkte persönliche Anruf. Hier genügt zur Identifizierung des Kunden die Angabe der korrekten Kontonummmer und auf Rückfrage die Übermittlung des Geburtsdatums.

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