Group management report

Definition of the group management report

The group management report supplements the consolidated financial statements. Its task is to provide information about the group that goes beyond the balance sheet date and points to the future. In principle, the group management report corresponds to the management report to be prepared by corporations. It is more than a summary of all the information from the management reports of the individual consolidated companies.

Components of the group management report

Mandatory information

Mandatory informationthat relate to the course of business and the situation of the group. They should convey a picture that corresponds to the actual circumstances

  • both across the group as a whole
  • as well as the major companies involved.

Target information

Target informationto be carried out if the group is able to do so in an objective manner:

  • Events of particular importance that occurred after the end of the group financial year, e. B. significant production losses due to strikes, collapse of important companies.
  • The expected development of the group. Verbal explanations describing the tendencies with a breakdown comparable to the report on the course of business are considered sufficient. The publication of detailed planning and forecast data is not required.
  • Information about the research and development of the group, e.g. B. on basic research, applied research and experimental research as well as on the general objectives of research and development.
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