What is greenware?
Greenware is a software license that allows users to access a program or its source code in exchange for environmentally friendly measures such as recycling, replacing standard lightbulbs with energy-saving lamps, or switching to recycled computer paper.

The term 'greenware' also refers to computer hardware, software and services that are designed to operate with less environmental impact. Greenware® is the brand name of Fabri-Kal's vegetable packaging range for consumers.

As government and international groups continue to promote sustainability and ecology, many companies are trying to encourage green behavior through greenware strategies. This can include a contract that obliges a user to engage in various activities, such as using low energy products or promoting good ecology.

Greenware sold without these commitments is often believed to help the user improve the environment while saving money at the same time. This combined incentive is a large part of the current and future philosophy of green business, while previous green programs may have been run on the idea that good environmental practices come with financial sacrifices.

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