What is Grokster?
Grokster was one of Grokster Ltd. developed peer-to-peer file sharing client software. Based on FastTrack, a popular file sharing protocol, Grokster was considered a second generation of peer-to-peer file sharing software. It was designed so that users can transfer files without using a central server. Any file, including copyrighted files, could be transferred.

In 2005, the United States Supreme Court ruled against Grokster on a lawsuit filed by MGM Studios, a decision that made Grokster's trademark of file sharing essentially illegal. Grokster then has the business set.

Unlike its most important predecessor, Napster, Grokster never had control over the files that were shared and transferred through its service. Napster was declared illegal in 2000 because it still had some control over what users submitted through its central server. Grokster and other second generation file sharing services tried to get around this by allowing users to share directly with one another.

During the course of the hearing, it was found that most of the files submitted through Grokster were indeed in breach of copyright law. Although Grokster claimed that it was not responsible for any restricted file shares or downloads, and that no files passed through the organization's systems, the company has been held liable for initiating copyright infringement.

However, the copyright advocates hadn't won the battle as P2P file sharing continues to grow.

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