Graph database

What is graph database?
A graph database is a type of NoSQL or non-relational database, which is a type of database that is suitable for very large amounts of distributed data. Instead of using tables as in relational databases, a graph database, as the name suggests, uses graph structures with nodes, properties, and edges to represent and store data. A graph database is also known as a graph-oriented database.

Eine Graphdatenbank verwendet die Graph theory zum Speichern, Zuordnen und Abfragen von Beziehungen. Es ist im Wesentlichen eine Sammlung von Kanten und Knoten, wobei jeder Knoten eine Entität wie eine Person oder eine Organisation darstellt und jede Kante eine Verbindung oder Beziehung zwischen zwei Knoten darstellt.

A node is defined by a unique identifier and is connected by multiple edges, regardless of whether it is inbound or outbound, and it contains a number of properties expressed as key / value pairs. An edge is also defined by a unique identifier and has a start and an end node as well as a number of properties.

A graph database is useful for analyzing relationships and connections between data; Hence, it is becoming widespread in data mining of social media data, for data with dynamic schemas such as in supply chain management, as well as in sales where it is used to determine the connections between a customer's online actions used.

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